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Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I got to page 216 and started skipping almost whole pages, just skimming for the important stuff so I could get to the end and understand the ending. I used to adore this series - the first four books. They were amazing and exciting and the characters were so great. I loved Zoey and I found Neferet to be amazing because of her mother-like relationship with Zoey. But after book four, these started to go down hill. I decided to keep reading, despite not enjoying book five, because I hoped they would get better. Eight and Nine were not bad. But Hidden (book ten) was despicable.In the first five pages, Neferet kills an innocent cat. Then she unintentionally, but gleefully, sets a barn on fire. And prays at least one horse is killed. I get it - she’s evil. She’s really, really, really evil. But why?? I feel this is INCREDIBLY AND UNNECESSARILY cruel and inhuman. Animal cruelty twice over.My next big issue is this: Damien is an incredible, awesome, sweet character. I was devastated when Jack was killed. My concern? Aphrodite. I get it, she’s a mean, bitter, horrible hag. But some of the things she said in this book were HORRIBLE. BEYOND WORDS HORRIBLE. The gay slurs were unforgivable. Why have a nice, sweet character like Damien, only to say such things? In today’s world, when kids are committing suicide due to bullying, why would you have a character who says SUCH mean and hateful things? I get she’s a bitch, but why is she SO cruel? Like the animal cruelty, it seems unnecessary. I was deeply ashamed of the authors for writing some of the things they did. Maybe I'm reading too much into some of the dialogue and stuff, but that's just how I feel.My lesser concerns: The plot and the characters. The plot is a mess. The twenty thousand POV’s are a mess. The characters have digressed, in my opinion. The last several books are all the same - Neferet plots someting evil. The characters try to stop it. Neferet does lesser evil things. Zoey whines like a baby. Neferet sets up her big plot - and then is thwarted by the “Nerd Herd.” Zoey used to be a strong character, in my mind, now all she does is whine about how she’s just a kid and “Please, Nyx, tell me what to do!!!” It’s enough.Conclusion: I’m deeply offended by this book. Needless animal cruelty, gay slurs, and the use of about Ten different character POV’s because without them, the plot would be at a stand-still and the series would have ended three or four books ago. Again, maybe I'm reading too much into some of the dialogue and stuff, but that's just how I feel.Also, I was to a point where, if they had killed Grandma Redbird off, I would have stopped reading right in the middle of the book (Well, I did this anyway, actually). They already killed everyone Zoey loves - Heath and Zoey’s mom being the most recent - so if the Grandma (a beloved character) dies, I’m done.After the atrocious actions/words of the characters in this last book, as well as my already-mentioned disgust of the plot and digression of the characters, I really have no intention of reading the next two books. It feels weird not to finish a series when I only have 2 more books to go (three, because I'd have to finish what I didn't read of this one first), but I'm really sick of all the above-mentioned things.You can also find more from me on my blog: Pandora's Books