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A Matter of Fate - Heather Lyons A Matter of Fate by Heather Lyons was amazing – plain and simple. It was unique and original, the world-building was incredible and I loved Chloe’s voice and the tone of the story. I don’t think I can put it into words in a way that will make sense, but I just loved it.The main character, Chloe, is a Magical. Magicals are the “cause of an event. The effect is what society and the people within choose to do with it once it’s begun.” Everything about being a Magical is set in stone, and Chloe just wants to be able to make her own choices.Chloe’s relatable and likable. As a Creator – someone who can build up and destroy civilizations at will (or, as per the Council), she has many responsibilities. Creators are especially important to the Council because they are rare. As such, Chloe’s life is even more set in stone than most Magicals. She doesn’t like having her entire life mapped out for her, but she still manages to hold her head high.Near the middle/end, Chloe really starts to get obnoxious and hypocritical. But oddly enough, this felt like it matched her personality. I don’t even know if that makes sense. She was whiny, hypocritical and ridiculous, but she had her reasons for it, so it didn’t annoy me as much as it normally would. I understood where she was coming from, and I understood why she had to whine and pout for awhile.Early on in the book, we are introduced to Jonah and Kellan Whitecomb. In the beginning, Jonah comes off as a loner, keeping to himself and ignoring Chloe almost completely. It takes way too long for Chloe and Jonah to talk, honestly, and Jonah’s constant avoidance of Chloe gets frustrating. As the story progresses, we learn why he avoided her, but it’s still really upsetting. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jonah well enough, but he wasn’t my favorite match for Chloe.Kellan, though, is swoon-worthy almost from the minute he and Chloe start talking, and I instantly loved him and wanted Chloe to be with him. Some of my favorite Kellan moments? When he calls himself an attention whore, I laughed out loud! Also, when he used the term “Ankle Biters” he reminded me of Uncle Jessie from Full House. This definitely earned him some brownie points!I loved Karl, so much. He was protective and fatherly, like a big brother for Chloe. He tried so hard to act tough, yet deep down, he was just such a softie. His guidance was exactly what Chloe needed. He was trustworthy, both to Chloe as a character and to myself as a reader. His protectiveness brought happy tears to my eyes.Another character I loved is Astrid. As much as Karl is like a fatherly figure to Chloe, Astrid is like a motherly type to her. She’s kind, understanding and, above all else, honest. She doesn’t belittle Chloe, the way her parents do. She confirms so many things for Chloe, putting Chloe at ease – to a certain extent. It’s more than Chloe’s parent’s have ever done and, for that, I love Astrid.Cora was a frustrating character. She was the stereotypical best friend, both there for Chloe and also completely oblivious. It was obvious from the beginning she was flirting with Raul; Chloe was so surprised when she finally found out, but I thought what was going on was crystal clear. Cora meddled too much, especially in things that were not her business and things that concerned Chloe, Kellan and Jonah. This, too, was frustrating. Yet, at one point, something happens and Cora lectures Chloe about it (well, it’s more like an all-out, explosive yelling match) – and even though her methods were wrong, I absolutely agreed with Cora!Finally, I LOVED Callie. I know, I know – Jonah fans will hate me. Maybe? But Callie was great. She was funny and sarcastic, she spoke her mind, and I never saw her as a threat to anything or anyone. Honestly, since I want Chloe to end up with Kellan, I didn’t see Callie as a threat to anything at all.The ending was explosive and amazing, and it set things up nicely for the second book. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I’m still rooting for Kellan, though!Also, I just want it on record: I totally called the whole “voice in her head” thing! I can’t go into details, because it’s too spoilery. But it’s epic and I totally called it, right from the beginning!You can also find more from me on my blog: Pandora's Books